SecuSUITE for Enterprise

Safeguard against electronic eavesdropping. Trusted technology that was designed to protect national security is now adapted and optimized to secure your organization’s voice calls and text messages.

Secure Your Voice Conversations and Text Messages

BBM Enterprise



  • BBM Enterprise adds an additional layer of encryption
  • Messages betweb BBM Enterprise are encrypted PGP-like
  • Sender/Recipient have unique public/private keys
  • Keys are generated by FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic library
  • Each message uses a new random key for message encryption
  • Triple DES 168-bit encryption from the sender device
  • TLS encryption between the device and BBM infrastructure

Protect Your Organization’s Information Against Electronic Eavesdropping

SecuSUITE® for Enterprise is a software-based solution that provides secure calling and text messaging on mobile devices. Hosted on the secure BlackBerry® Infrastructure, it provides direct connections to more than 600 global carriers so you can communicate across phone networks and around the world, inside and outside your organization.

  • Protects your organization’s sensitive information against electronic eavesdropping and third-party attacks.
  • Ensures secure communication is as easy aseveryday communication.
  • Makes things hard on hackers, but easy on IT

Use it on all your devices

On iOS and Android devices, open the app to make secure calls and communicate with secure text messages on BlackBerry 10 devices, SecuSUITE for Enterprise is completely integrated, so
you can make secure calls the same way you make everyday calls.

  • SecuSUITE for Enterprise is designed to offer the security benefits of a behind-the-firewall, on-premise system with the convenience of cloud deployment and a software-based solution.
  • It works across multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10.1
  • It’s very simple to use. If the people you need to talk to use SecuSUITE for Enterprise, you can automatically communicate with them securely.
  • It connects secured calls quickly and with the highest voice quality, so you’ll never struggle to hear or be heard.
  • It’s intuitive for both users and IT, so they don’t have to spendtime figuring out a new way to call or send text messages.
  • It retains the security lineage of government grade solution design, uses TLS, S/MIME & SRTP for authentication and strong end-to-end encryption.
  • It’s MDM/EMM-agnostic, so it can adapt to your existing mobility environment. Its calls connect quickly, with crystal-clear voice quality, so you’re not struggling to hear or be heard.
  • It has no servers or hardware to install, freeing you from upfront capital expenditure and unpredictable operating costs.
  • It runs proven encryption and authentication processes seamlessly and safely in the background, without impacting the smartphone’s performance or usability.
  • It won’t deplete your device’s battery.



BES 10/12/UEM

$15/ month

  • Secure Mobile Sync

BBM Enterprise

$10/ month

  • Secure BBM Messaging

BBM Enterprise Voice

$20/ month

  • BBM Voice/Video encryption

SecuSUITE Enterprise

$30/ month

  • Secure Voice/SMS