What options do I have when calls are forwarded to me?

Since you have the choice of having the call announced or screened, if a call is transferred to you, and you do not press a key to answer the...

Can I have custom on-hold music?

Yes you can use any music you like for on-hold music. You can also have different music on different extensions. You can even create a custom on-hold commercial mixing...

What is the Dial-by-Name directory?

The Dial-by-Name Directory allows callers to search for a person’s extension using either their first or last name. When you add it as a feature to your account, your...

On how many phone numbers does the system try to reach me?

Every extension can attempt to reach someone on up to six different phone numbers in the order of your preference. Callers will hear music-on-hold or your own customized on...

Do I get charged when I check my messages from a phone?

Toll Free: When you check messages through your toll free number, you will be using minutes that count towards your monthly plan. Local: Minutes would be deducted from your...

Would the VOIP Mailbox work with the extensions within my office?

It is possible. Your internal extensions would have to be programmed into the hosting.ca VOIP Mailbox system.

Can I have multiple toll free or local number on the same account?

Yes, you may have multiple numbers point to one account. There will be additional costs for additional numbers.

Do I need to change my local and long distance carrier?

Your local and long distance calls and your hosting.ca VOIP Mailbox are separate companies. Calls made through the VOIP Mailbox will be billed accordingly. We deal with certain SIP...

How long does it take before I can use the VOIP Mailbox service?

It will take 2-3 days for us to activate the numbers and setup the system for first time use.

Does the VOIP Mailbox service require a contract?

No. We bill your credit card monthly. There are long term contracts available with a discount. Please contact us for more information.