Canada Post

Integrate your online store with Canada Post shipping modules for your online store.

Canada Post Store Integration

As an authorized Sell Online partner with Canada Post, we are able to integrate and support the shipping module right in to your shopping cart. This allows your customers to choose the cost and speed of delivery in real-time.

Features of the shipping module

  • Automatic calculation of size and weight of items, including Canada Post’s unique packing optimization software.
  • Specific delivery days with the multiple delivery options
  • Access to a full range of domestic and international shipping prices
  • Complete control over shipping speeds and costs
  • All web based and fully customizable

Canada Post Shipping Advantages

For your customers

  • Predictability: specify delivery dates
  • Costs: shipping fees based on weight and distance – not flat rates
  • Satisfaction: full return service
  • Control: choice of shipping options

For your business

  • Ease-of-Use: unique integrated software that maximizes shipping efficiency
  • Productivity: eliminates the need to measure and weigh parcels
  • Support: offers packaging

Already have an online store?

If you have an existing online store, we can see if it’s possible to integrate the Canada Post shipping to it.

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The Sell Online shipping module allows customers to choose the services that best meets their delivery timeframe and budget.

Domestic Shipping Quote

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USA Shipping Quotecanada post usa shipping


International Shipping Quote

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Canada Post’s Sell Online shipping module maximizes packing efficiency. Sell Online saves warehouse packing and handling time by automatically selecting the smallest box available from the list of boxes used by the merchant. Sell Online shows how these items should be packed in that box (center image).

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What's the cost of using Canada Post integration?

This is free to use their real-time quoting system. The only costs involved are the actual setup between your online store and their servers.

Am I committed to a minimum number of parcels to be sent with Canada Post when using Sell Online ?


What is the shipping profile?

The shipping profile contains some of the essential information concerning each of the Sell Online’s merchants. For example, Sell Online needs to know from which postal code the merchant’s items will be shipped to be able to provide accurate rates and delivery dates. This information is kept on one of Canada Post’s servers and is accessible through a Web Browser.