Bulk Exchange Account Import

Below is the CSV format:

FirstName, LastName, EmailID, Password, Size, OfficeLocation, City, Country, State, ZipCode, DisplayName, Address, Phone, Mobile, Type (This line must be on top in the csv file)

mark,anthony,mark@matthew.com,password3,500,Broad Street,Toronto,Canada,Ontario,45648,mark,Test,45646546,32653453453,Shared
phil,collins,phil@matthew.com,password4,500,Broad Street,Toronto,Canada,Ontario,45648,phil,Test,45646546,32653453453,User

Important: Don’t insert space after comma ‘,’

FirstName and LastName are optional and can be set empty.

In such a case, firstname will be parsed from Email ID as first portion of email.

EmailID and Password fields are necessary.