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About Hosting.ca

A true Canadian company, hosting.ca was started by a group of web developers in 1997 when we decided that there were not enough companies who knew how to do web hosting properly. So we went to work on things, all from the users point of view since that is what we were first–users.

One of the first items we worked to improve was local control and access, and reliable redundancy. All of our equipment is on Canadian soil and we take care of it all ourselves, nothing is outsourced overseas. We currently host in Tier 4 data centers in Vancouver, BC, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.

Having been a leader in the industry for so long, we at hosting.ca have a wide variety of satisfied clients ranging from individuals to small startups to large corporations. Some of our corporate clients include Vancouver Community College, Ronald McDonald House of British Columbia, and Bell Canada.

As we have grown with the acquisitions of three other hosting companies (two in Canada and two in the U. S.), so have our service offerings. Due to their rapid proliferation and use by individuals and companies of all sizes, we now see the need for enterprise-level email services like Hosted Exchange and BlackBerry enterprise services. We are now one of the few Canadian web hosting companies offering these state-of-the-art services to its clients run completely in house and on Canadian soil.

Hosting.ca has had one simple goal and mission from the beginning to the present day:  total customer satisfaction.

We have been in the business since 1997, over 20 years of hosting experience in Canada. Everything of ours is located in Canada!
Don’t choose a loss leader as your host. Be careful of those “unlimited” accounts, there is no such thing.
We don’t outsource our phones to call centers. Get your answers fast. No need to escalate tickets, all technical staff has extensive experience and training.
Pay in CAD. Keep the Canadian economy growing and don’t lose money on those foreign exchange rates.
We use all Dell PowerEdge rack-mount servers. We do NOT overload or oversell our servers like the other hosting companies.
We don’t outsource our phones to call centers. Get your answers fast. No need to escalate tickets or be passed around.